Policies & Procedures

Ethical Guidelines
Our news and programming content at NTDailyRadio.com must attain the highest quality and strengthen our credibility. We take pride in our craft. Our journalism is as accurate, fair and complete as possible. Our journalists conduct their work with honesty and respect. Our methods are transparent and we will be accountable for all we do.

Students will be considered to be performing in the interest of the radio station only if the performance of such duties is assigned and supervised by a Mayborn radio station employee. Only Mayborn employees will be given the responsibility of keyed access to the studio both during and after normal college operating hours.

The radio studio, located in Room 101-C of the General Academic Building (GAB) on the UNT campus, is used as a broadcast lab for journalism-related classes.

College Security
Radio station personnel will be subject to all security and safety rules and clearances as required of college employees. Security checks will be made by campus police officers at regular intervals, particularly during weekends, early mornings, late evenings and holidays.

It is the desire of the station to present news and public affairs programming which permits the students to gain experience with professional format elements, and provide a flexible format for the presentation of news and public affairs programming. Station management reserves the right to edit, revise or cancel any program which: (a) does not conform to available time limits; (b) in its judgment contains material which may be libelous, in questionable taste or which does not conform to station, or industry standards regarding form, content or technical quality.

Students may not use the radio station for the creation, transmission, receipt, and/or storage of materials whose contents are obscene, illegal, or advocate illegal actions, or whose purpose or effect is to harass, intimidate, abuse, denigrate, or to incite hatred against persons or groups of people.

Students may not download programs, other media, personal work, that is not for use on NTDailyradio.com. You may not use the radio station in a manner that would violate laws protecting intellectual property.

You may not take any deliberate action as a user that would destroy, corrupt, render inoperative, or cause to function in unintended ways any of the files, programs, or hardware devices on the radio station.

System resources are finite and the system is collectively utilized by a large number of individuals. You may not: use printers to execute batch-printing jobs or produce multiple copies; download large files; use the radio station to play games; engage in other activities that tax or waste system resources.

Keeping the station clean is everyone’s responsibility. Each person should not only clean up his or her own mess, but also be willing to help out whenever a clean up is needed.